A Technique for Building Self-Confidence and Positivity

Journal As a professional woman, do you ever have the feeling of not being good enough?  Do you have trouble having the confidence to say “no”?  Is it hard to speak up and be yourself?

Low self-confidence can stop you from performing at your best.  It can hide you away in a place where others can’t see or hear what you have to offer; it can rob you of your potential to thrive and grow; it can make you feel small.   Sometimes there is so much negative, self-sabotaging chatter going on in your own head that you find it hard to have the courage to stand tall, speak up, and be yourself.

I came across a very interesting technique the other day that I would like to share with you – it’s called “Positive Journalling”. The idea of keeping a journal of thoughts and feelings has been around for a long time.   The “Positive” approach can help boost your mood, motivation, and the way you feel about yourself.

So what is Positive Journalling and how can it help with self-confidence?

It’s so easy in life to think about the negative things. We aren’t thin enough, smart enough, interesting enough. And the more we think about limitations, the more limiting these things become. It can affect us at work, in social situations, and at home. Because we can become so focused on “the half-empty glass”, we often overlook the good things about our selves and our lives. Positive Journalling works because it brings focus back to the things that are positive in life, even if they are very small. Developing a habit of noticing these positive things can help improve how you feel about yourself.

Here are some instructions:

Get yourself a special journal for this, one that makes you feel happy when you look at it; one that most connects with who you are. It may have a beautiful cover on the front, or be in your favourite colour. Make sure it is in a size that lets you write comfortably; one with a spiral binding can work well.

Every day, write down positive experiences, thoughts, and feelings. These can be things you have thought about yourself, or things about others that you noticed. They can be experiences of places or things. You can also include pictures, drawings, doodles, poems…anything that represents a positive experience, thought or feeling.

This need take no more than a few minutes each day; it’s easiest if you make it part of your daily routine, perhaps writing down your thoughts either when you wake up, or just before bed. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  1. Some things that I am grateful for today are:
  2. Some things I feel positive about today are:
  3. Some ways that I was strong today are:
  4. Some things that made me smile or laugh today are:
  5. Some things that I accomplished today are:
  6. Some ways that I made others smile today are:
  7. Some things I saw or heard today that made me feel optimistic are:
  8. Some ways that I took good care of myself today are:
  9. Some things that I liked about myself today are:
  10. Some ways that I connected with others today are:
  11. Some positive things I noticed about someone else today are:


In addition to helping you notice the good things about yourself and your life, your Positive Journal can be something upbeat and beautiful on the days when your confidence needs a boost. 

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