Fed Up? Take the First Step and Feel Better


               Having a Bad Day?

Sometimes in life it’s hard not to feel fed up, de-motivated and drained. Lots of things can contribute to this feeling; being around other people who suck the energy out of us, facing difficult challenges, pulling ourselves back up after experiencing something that did not go well.

As a coach, I have met a lot of clients who have overcome extremely difficult circumstances; people who have found a way to regroup and get on with life. I decided to collect some of their suggestions for ways to manage grey days. Taking a step out of the gloom can feel like really hard work, but once you get on your way, things can change for the better a step at a time.

Have a look at my article here to see what they suggested.

I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. I offer coaching face-to-face and by phone, or Skype.

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