Blue River Coaching Personal Development Coaching

Communication and developing effective relationships in the working environment are key to corporate and individual success but development needs tend to vary according to the culture and the individual requirements. At Blue River Coaching we firmly believe that the best (and ultimately most cost effective) approach is coaching.

We offer individual coaching sessions that are totally confidential and start with the agreement of specific and realistic coaching objectives and continue with between session assignments to ensure that those objectives are met.

Benefits for the organisation

  • Directly dealing with particular interpersonal issues
  • Return on coaching investment by targeted and supported behavioural change
  • Tailored to suit specific requirements ensuring maximum value for money
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Retention of key skills
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness

Benefits for the individual

  • Confidential help in resolving issues
  • Support during the time that you are implementing change
  • Improved relationships with work colleagues at all levels
  • Help with career advancement or enrichment
  • Increased confidence
  • Opportunity to seek external help