“My mentor coaching sessions with Linda were enriching and enjoyable. She has a style that made me feel quite at ease and want to open up to her without fear of being judged. She demonstrated a genuine interest in what I had to say and through her questioning made me gain real insights into the issues that I was dealing with. As a result of working with Linda I now have greater confidence in my own skills as a coach.” J.C. – ICF ACC, Florida, USA

“Linda is both a very soft and deep listener. There was always a sense of respect and support. Linda is constantly catching the essence of the client’s message allowing them to elaborate on matters which are really important.” T.M. – Russia

“I can’t recommend Linda enough. Linda really went above and beyond to give coaching that was relevant and quickly effective. I always felt like I was able to make the most of each session and felt supported in identifying issues to work on with direct results. I feel strongly that the development Linda facilitated will be with me for a lifetime. Many thanks, Linda for your brilliant work!” S.M. – UK

“Linda’s mentor coaching allowed me to expand as a coach, and her empathetic and straight to the point style supported me while making a huge change in life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! D.M. – France

“I am so grateful to you for enabling me to start to see myself through different eyes. I have become far less self-critical and much more confident and at ease with acknowledging my skills and abilities…I truly believe I’m beginning to flourish! Thank you so much for providing me with the tools to see me though the dark bits and out into the light on the other side. I’m very grateful.” BS – U.K.

“Linda’s coaching gave me the prod I needed to start re-discovering the old me.  After 11 years of being primary carer for my daughter, while working full time, I’d lost who I was and was beginning to feel peripheral; I’d misplaced my old sparkiness.  Linda’s coaching showed that, instead of missing the old me, I was still there – but needed encouraging back out!  Her approach is calming, facilitative, encouraging and supportive; the coaching environment is peaceful and gave me mental space to pause and regroup my thoughts. I’d be very happy to recommend you, Linda.” S.S. Cambridgeshire, UK.  

“Linda’s coaching has been life changing.  I worked with Linda as my coach for 3 months via Skype and phone.  I was referred to her to help work through some eating disorder issues that I was having. Her friendly, kind and approachable demeanor meant that I could be very open and honest throughout the coaching process. Linda was very patient in helping me move past several inner demons that I was avoiding and as a result, I am in a better position to move forward in my life. She has helped me step back and look at underlying causes and issues and, using NLP, given me some helpful tools to keep me moving forward. I was being too hard on myself, and through coaching, was able to discover resources and wisdom within myself, making me feel stronger, defiant, and unstoppable. I’ve got my sparkle back!” E.H. – U.K.

“Linda’s skills and knowledge have enabled me to plan a future full of excitement and challenge.  She has a grounded approach and gentle style which meant that I now feel full of confidence and motivation to achieve my plan and have the life I deserve.”  JB – CEO – Lincolnshire

“I admired Linda’s ability to dive deep, and at the same time be completely gentle – not confrontational at all. She also used some exercises over Skype that were very interesting and helpful.  I have the ultimate testimonial for Linda, I am going to offer to hire her to coach members of my management team.”  JM – MD – Toronto, Canada

“Linda is a warm, kind, flexible coach who is easy to connect with.  Her coaching helped me address some very difficult issues in my personal life using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy.  Some of the sessions were face-to-face, others were by phone and Skype.  It was the first time I had used Skype and I was surprised and pleased at how effective the Skype coaching sessions were.  It really works. This was also my first experience with hypnotherapy and I loved it; I found the experience calm and relaxing allowing me the relief of switching my brain off for a while.  I found the techniques Linda used very useful, they gave me some concrete things that I could take away and use. I also like how we broke down my coaching outcomes into steps and identified ways to achieve them.”  JG – Derbyshire

“Linda’s coaching has helped me to accept my feelings and not to hold onto negative ones.  The thing that has most stuck with me is that, if I react to someone’s negativity or hold onto feelings of resentment or hurt, the person who most affected is not them, but me.  Therefore I am more able to let these feelings go.  My New Year’s resolution is to be more true to myself and with this comes letting others deal with their own issues without letting it affect me.” HS – Rutland

Linda’s life coaching was a complete revelation to me. Not only did it help me focus on what was really important in my life, it taught me how to relax, put negative feelings out of reach and communicate with my family. Some times it is important for us all to stop, think and regroup and Linda’s approach was both calming and intuitive. I would thoroughly recommend her services.” JO – PR Consultant – Lincolnshire

“Linda is a people centred action coach, professional in her approach with a warmth and understanding seldom found in business today. Linda asks the questions that open doors previously kept locked, everything in her approach is forward focused while at the same time reflecting the past for understanding and calibration.” JH – HR Director

“Linda has helped me move forward with quite an intractable issue. She created a relaxed, supportive and safe space for me to explore and challenge myself. The quality of her listening and questioning has been superb.  Linda kept me moving forward, by encouraging me, gently challenging me, holding me accountable, so that I’ve now built enough momentum to move this issue forward on my own – the best outcome I could have hoped for. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Linda as a coach.”  KC – Development Manager – Reading

“Linda has been particularly effective in making me appreciate the ‘bigger picture’ and key elements in any business situation while always keeping personal values and priorities in view. This has increased my motivation, self-confidence and self-awareness, all of which have made me work more productively and, maybe most importantly of all, capture a sense of fun in the workplace.” AM – Business Analyst – Cambridgeshire

“Linda is a fantastic coach. She allowed me to develop and make major changes in our short time together – without feeling overwhelmed.  She is warm, inspiring and empowering…”  SH – Netherlands

“The package I did with Linda included one induction style session where we had a chat about the process, and then six proper 1 hour long coaching sessions, all over skype. Initially I thought it might be difficult doing this over skype, but it felt very personal and with the video it often seemed like we were in the room together. In the first session we set out clearly the scope of what I wanted to achieve within the six sessions (and Linda expertly drew me towards understanding what this was, as it wasn’t what I had actually written in my induction pack!). We then spent the following sessions working towards this goal, with an occasional interlude when I needed help and support with something different. This coaching experience with Linda helped me work through a particularly challenging point in my career, and come out successfully the other side, and I was really surprised to see how far I’d come in such a short period of time. I don’t think I’d be where I am now without her support over those three months.  Thanks Linda!”  AM – London, U.K.