C.G., China

Linda's coaching style is intimate, exploring, thought-provoking and exciting too; a combination of professionalism and intimacy, a true caring and compassion for her client that is obvious and transparent.

A.M., UK

My coaching experience with Linda helped me work through a particularly challenging point in my career and come out successfully on the other side; I was really surprised to see how far I'd come in such a short period of time. I don't think I'd be where I am now without her support over those three months. Thanks Linda!


Linda is a thoughtful, humorous, and compassionate coach that accompanied me in a major life transition. She invited me to become more resourceful and celebrated my successes along the way. She's an incredible coach to have by your side.

R.S., Japan

Linda creates a safe and relaxing space for thinking, with focused questions that inspire reflection.

J.M., Canada

I admire Linda's ability to dive deep, and at the same time be completely gentle. I have the ultimate testimonial for Linda—I am going to offer to hire her to coach members of my management team.

T.M., Russia

Linda is both a very soft and deep listener. There was always a sense of respect and support. Linda is constantly catching the essence of the client's message, allowing them to elaborate on matters that are really important.

R.G., India

Linda is an excellent coach. She has great coaching presence and can give you the support to open up your creativity and thinking. The questions she asked me in some of the sessions changed my perspective and opened up so many new possibilities. She is also great at keeping you focused on what you are doing.

S.H., Netherlands

Linda is a fantastic coach. She allowed me to develop and to make major changes in our short time together without feeling overwhelmed. She is warm, inspiring and empowering.

K.R., Bangladesh

I felt both challenged and supported by Linda—she didn't let me off easily but did so by asking gentle but pointed questions, and actually made me answer them!

S.M., UK

I can't recommend Linda enough. Linda really went above and beyond to give coaching that was relevant and quickly effective. I always felt like I was able to make the most of each session and felt supported in identifying issues to work on with direct results. I feel strongly that the development Linda facilitated will be with me for a lifetime. Many thanks, Linda, for your brilliant work!


Linda is the complete package in a coach. Her presence and powerful questions allow you to declare and move forward with new actions or perspectives.

B.S., U.K.

I am so grateful to you for enabling me to start to see myself through different eyes. I have become far less self-critical and much more confident and at ease with acknowledging my skills and abilities. I truly believe I'm beginning to flourish! Thank you so much for providing me with the tools to see me though the dark bits and out into the light on the other side. I'm very grateful.


Linda reminded me to slow down and enjoy more moments in my own life, and of all the resources that are always available if we just look around.

D.M., France

Linda's mentor coaching allowed me to expand as a coach, and her empathetic and straight-to-the-point style supported me while making a huge change in life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


My mentor coaching sessions with Linda were enriching and enjoyable. She has a style that made me feel quite at ease and want to open up to her without fear of being judged. She demonstrated a genuine interest in what I had to say and through her questioning made me gain real insights into the issues that I was dealing with. As a result of working with Linda I now have greater confidence in my own skills as a coach.