Retirement Options Mindmap

Are you too busy working to think about what you do when you’ll retire? Spending all your time thinking about the day when you can stop commuting, stop going to meetings day in and day out, stop dealing with office politics?

But then what?

Just like investment planning can help make sure you are financially secure in retirement, personal coaching can help you think ahead about how you want to spend your time in the best way.

Coaching can help you gain clarity on what you want for the next stage of your life and take action to prepare. This may be doing something totally new, or it could be building on skills and knowledge you already have. Our older role models are those who still feel they are “valued contributors,” who live with purpose and do what they enjoy.

A happy retirement does not just happen; it takes thought and planning. My own father is a case in point. He retired three times. Each time he stopped working, he couldn’t cope with the lack of mental stimulation, structure and social network that his career provided. As a result, he worked too long and medical issues got in the way. He was unable to fulfill lifelong dreams of travel, and opportunities to do something different. His advice to me is: Don’t waste this precious time—make the most of it.

Linda Hayman

I am an ICF Professional Certified Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. I offer coaching face-to-face and by phone, or Skype.